What is an software RNG

All modern slot machines (online casino or terrestrial) are controlled by a software RNG (random number generator) which is designed to create winning hands quite random, based on a pre-set payout.

The Random Number Generator (RNG) ‘at the core of every gaming platform. It ‘a sophisticated software that has the same function as the dealer in online games, shuffling the deck of cards, spinning the roulette wheel, dealing the hands, etc.. For a game honest, and ‘crucial game results generated by the RNG are completely random and that this randomness’ must be tested and certified by a’ qualified agency or a testing facility.

What is a Certificate RNG

The software for the Random Number Generator (RNG) must be certified by organisations such as the “Technical Systems Testing (TST). TST ‘the leading auditing organization with customers the lottery of the States United States for Michigan, Massachusetts and the District of Columbia, Ontario, Canada.

The software to be approved by the supervisory bodies like the World Kahnawake (Kahnawake.com is one of the most stringent gambling commissions in the world), must present the algorithm that must pass a series of tests that verify the actual randomness and security , So that nobody, players, staff casino or hackers, can know in advance when you get a winning hand.

Explained briefly what is the ‘RNG, we can add that what differentiates the casino slot machines online, from those in bars and in hotels is the percentage of payout: in general, slot machine online have a payout of between 91% and 98%, while machinery mangiasoldi present in bars have a payout of no more than ever 75% and in some cases it may fall to 40%.
The machines from bars unfortunately no progressive jackpot and have a maximum payout that hardly exceeds 1000 euros.

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