Probability to win slot machines

There is no strategy to win at slot machines. Only programmers know these machines mechanisms algorithms that lead to the winnings.

E ‘lost time trying to interpret “the reasoning of slot”, no possibility of decrifrare anything as absolute.
Some websites offer tricks to win the slot?, Bč think abou it as wizarding bogus and cheap….
The only way to find something, is once again using the arrangements, those who would use a player expert, who is quite different from the “player of Sunday” (casinos earn with that type of player).

The first rule, (we repeat) is to check their capital to be invested for wagering. You can not win every day at slot machines, and even in life … (Why call it gambling?).

State safe bet that few cents there will gain nothing, while betting hundreds of euro will bring you to drain all your budget in a few seconds .. not outdated so the target budget and stop the game to win first.

RNG algorithm – Algorithms of slot machines

The algorithms of slotmachines, are based on an algorithm RNG, which means in practice “random number generator.” It is impossible to determine each result in a correct, then it is better to focus on the rate of payment of these machines saw slot. The average margin of chassis is about 3%. Playing the long-term slots will then 1.94 cents for every two U.S. dollars played.

Of course, none giocherebbe to know if slot machines to receive 1.94 cents each time you play two euros. But, and here intervene against Fortune, a slot machine is programmed to return the deposits all at once, who knows …. not to transfer money e.. Bingo!. This makes slot machines a game among the most emotional.