How to Avoid Tight Slot Machines

I can win easily and quickly? Believe that there is knowledge that can be gained in this field? Wrong. There are a lot of places municipalities involved in the response. This site is the section: “to play slotmachines” have already had the opportunity to browse the pages, then I do not want to lose too much time in further discuss issues that relate exclusively slot machines in the casino. In other words you are just the most common reasons and to find slot machines losing more:

   1. Near the doors exchange
The casinos want other players who are waiting in line to receive their tokens feel the unmistakable sounds and see the players’ cashing jackpot of a certain consistency. This will motivate, presumably, other players to take more tokens and play more to slot machines. Does it make sense, it works.

   2. In carousels height
  The best machines with payments that are visible from almost every corner of the hall also serve to motivate others to put more chips in their machines. Does it make sense, it works.

   3. Near the coffee / snack bar
  Often casinos simply place lor best machines in these locations to motivate players paused to eat quickly and return to exhibition game as quickly as possible. When a player takes a break to eat or drink is not using their time to play the machines. No game = no profit for the casino.

   4. Over the crossroads of corridors
The crossings are areas where players must pass to go to another corridor slot machines. Again apply the same principle: casinos want players to slot machines assist frequently payments jackpot. From these steps is obliged easier access to the various corridors of slot machines, where machines mid-level and more “avare” are waiting for the players spennarli.

   5. Job very visible from the other corridors slot machines
  Same philosophy, same reasons mentioned above.

6. Small bar scattered inside the casino
  Almost all the casino rent space to manufacturers of slot machines (Bally’s is a classic example). These chioschetti not necessarily follow the rules of casino marketing their host, and can have a greater proportion of machinery “losers”.