Bonus hunters…what is this?

Some casinos do not offer free bonuses casino because they are afraid of “hunters bonus” that in the long run can lead to huge losses.
The “bonus hunters” are those players who spend hours or days searching for bonus homage and are unwilling to deposit money.

Despite these many casino continue to offer free casino bonus, based on the fact that “hunters bonus are one fewer than the normal players.
The online casino have created a veritable propia “Black List” of “bonus hunters” blocking the release of free bonus you on the list.

To avoid ending up on the “Blacklist” enough not to withdraw the bonus as soon as you reach the limit for incassararlo but continue to play for a few hands.

The purpose for which the online casinos offer bonus tribute is, of course, get new players. They differ, beyond the amount, to be bonus casino without filing or deposit a minimum. Those without filing permit, as the name implies, to play deposit money without anything, while those with vested deposit to player when they pay their money to play.

The bonus casinos with deposit is usually calculated as a percentage of its deposit.
Moreover understood that there are bonus staggered, as the 100% bonus to the first deposit and 50% per second. The credits are made, usually in a few hours or a few minutes if you have a Neteller account (, info see the casino purchases online.

Virtually always bonus to join a minimum mandatory play.
This prevents those concerned to take the bonus and if we play in few bets using very little time (which hunters incentive bonus with no interest in the game).

The fact that very few software platforms used simplifies the restrictions that the companies apply to hunters bonus.Inoltre, there are figures minimum below which it can not be cashed. They are not born with the aim of discouraging hunters bonus, but to reduce the cost of payments (if the minimum limit riscuotibile was too low costs for casinos would be